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Sandro Vivas

IRS and DOL Compliance Advocate

Sandro Vivas is the IRS and DOL Compliance Advocate at Diversified Administration, Inc. Sandro is responsible for the planning, execution and evaluation of our marketing efforts as well as representing our company at business organizations and events. He is also responsible for our communications strategies, both internal and external, that aim to effectively communicate our corporate values and objectives, as well as the intricacies of our several lines of services. Sandro’s extensive business and marketing experience allows us to look forward to expanding our operations and providing increased levels of service to our clients.

Sandro also leads our ACA Reporting Department, developing and providing solutions to our clients, while handling the most demanding accounts successfully.

Sandro holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, with honorary mentions in Marketing and Operations, from the Universidad de Lima in Peru and additional degrees and courses in business, communications, media, technology and marketing.