Susan Luskin
Susan P. Luskin

Susan P. Luskin runs Diversified Administration, Inc. in Hollywood, Florida. She works with health insurance agents who want to provide more value for their group insurance clients. Susan has become the go to person for agents who want to offer pretax benefits to their clients without having to become the expert.In addition, Susan works with companies to take the bite out of rising out-of-pocket medical expenses in a way that is easy to implement.

Through her unique and interactive educational seminars, employees really learn how to increase their take home pay. The knowledge and guidance she provides create a system of turnkey administration that ensures profitable long term results. She speaks to business owners who want more tax savings, lower health insurance premiums, less hassle, and ultimately more loyalty from their employees.

In her work, Susan targets critical areas that challenge controllers and human resource managers. She helps people increase their disposable income and pay fewer taxes by implementing dependent daycare and medical expense reimbursement plans.

As a nationally published expert in Section 125 Internal Revenue Code issues and other tax advantaged strategies, and more than 30 years of experience to her credit, Susan is the consultant behind hundreds of employers who have increased their bottom line.

She is a certified instructor for the State of Florida for both agent licensing and continuing education. She has served as treasurer, program chair and continuing education chair of the Broward Association of Health Underwriters. She has also earned the coveted FLMI, CLU, CEBS, RHU and ChHC designations.

Ben Davis - VP
Benjamin Davis
Vice President of
IRS and DOL Compliance
Recently promoted to Assistant Vice President, Benjamin Davis is prepares all of the Welfare Form 5500 electronic filings sent to the Department of Labor. He is also assists in the preparation of Welfare Benefit Summary Plan Descriptions, a Department of Labor Requirement. In addition, Ben utilizes his degrees in Multimedia Technology and Graphic Design to enhance our PowerPoint Presentations, flyers and brochures. Ben also assists with claims administration and COBRA administration.
Jeremy Davis
Jeremy Davis
Vice President of COBRA Administration
Jeremy is our company Vice President. He currently is in charge of running our COBRA Administration department, and also is knowledgeable in the areas of Flexible Spending Plans, HRAs, MERPs, and other Employer-sponsored tax-favored employee benefits. In addition he also assists in Electronic Data Integration with our clients, their carriers and other vendors to streamline the transfer of secure data to and from our clients. He is currently working on his CEBS, Certified Employee Benefits Specialist designation. In addition, Jeremy is responsible for developing and improving office procedures that directly impact the high level of client service that we strive to provide. Jeremy can provide assistance with technical issues in many areas of the business.

Ann Passaro
Vice President of Operations
Ann Passaro is in charge of our entire customer database at both the employer and employee level. In addition to handling your claims and status changes, she has the responsibility of making sure that every plan runs smoothly.Ann is also our expert on the Debit Card, Credit Card and Direct Deposit. Questions in those 3 areas should be directed to her.

Sandro Vivas
Marketing and Communications Manager

Sandro Vivas is the Marketing and Communications Manager at Diversified Administration, Inc. Sandro is responsible for the planning, execution and evaluation of our marketing efforts as well as representing our company at business organizations and events. He is also responsible for our communications strategies, both internal and external, that aim to effectively communicate our corporate values and objectives, as well as the intricacies of our several lines of services. Sandro’s extensive business and marketing experience allows us to look forward to expanding our operations and providing increased levels of service to our clients.

Sandro also leads our ACA Reporting Department, developing and providing solutions to our clients, while handling the most demanding accounts successfully.

Sandro holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, with honorary mentions in Marketing and Operations, from the Universidad de Lima in Peru and additional degrees and courses in business, communications, media, technology and marketing.

Judi Savage
Client Advocate

Judi Savage is a Client Advocate in the FSA/HRA Department at Diversified Administration, Inc. Judi processes our participants’ claims and provides them assistance in resolving claim related issues. Judi is also involved in improving the department’s efficiency by constantly evaluating current processes and suggesting alternatives.

Having lived in Mexico City for 20 years and growing up in Quito, Ecuador, her strong bilingual skills allow her to assist participants whether they speak English or Spanish.

Judi has extensive training and experience in sales and management, which allows her to provide assistance and support in other departments, such as COBRA.

Jade Fernandez
COBRA Administration Specialist

Jade Fernandez is one of the COBRA Client Advocates at Diversified Administration, Inc. Jade is well versed on all aspects of COBRA, which allows her to answer questions and educate employers and employees about their rights and obligations under this important law.

With over 14 years of customer service and managerial experience, Jade is well prepared to see the whole COBRA coverage continuation process through to its absolute resolution, helping the employee through this often difficult and confusing period.

Jade holds an insurance license that allows her to speak the foreign language of insurance, she has also recently obtained a degree in Business Administration and is eagerly continuing her education in the Managerial and Supervision field.

Jade’s professional experience includes networking and building lasting business relationships, ensuring accurate member records, bookkeeping and managing various types of inventory.

Lizz Cufari
IRS and DOL Compliance Advocate

Lizz Cufari is part of the Welfare Benefits 5500 Team, where she works with insurance brokers and employers to gather the necessary information to file accurate 5500s with the DOL. Lizz helps non-compliant employers with their late filings and also works with them to reduce their potential financial exposure to higher penalties.Lizz is also part of the ACA Team where she helps guide our clients through the necessary steps to complete their Affordable Care Act (ACA/Obamacare) Reporting to the IRS.

Lizz has previously worked in the legal field and for businesses in the areas of sales, marketing and customer service.

Lizz has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management with a concentration in finance and an Associate of Science degree in Legal Studies as a Paralegal. Lizz has also served in the US Army.

Dayna Willson
Client Advocate

Dayna Willson is the newest Client Advocate in our FSA/HRA/132 Claims Department. Dayna’s previous experience in Human Resources allows her to handle confidential information effectively and clearly communicate with participants.

Dayna’s abilities have allowed her to successfully take on special projects since day one. These include the production of a PowerPoint presentation about how to file an online claim and how to use the SnapClaim feature in the MyRSC application for which she was also a speaker at our annual Spring Business Connection Event.

The Claims department has benefited from Dayna’s attention to detail and her ability to clearly explain any aspect of the Claims process to employers and participants.