Flexible Spending Accounts

*** As a third party administrator we do NOT sell insurance products and our administrative services are totally independent of the policies, benefits carrier, or insurance broker relationship an employer group already has in place.***

If you are looking for a flexible spending plan – look no further! We are THE experts at flex plan administration. Diversified Administration Inc. works closely with our clients throughout the entire process of establishing a new plan, or reviewing and optimizing your existing plan. From designing the plan to managing the annual re-enrollments, DAI’s attention to detail enables companies to have a way to smoothly and seamlessly implement their custom plan with minimal involvement from management and HR personnel.

  • Plan Design – We know there is more to employee benefits than what can be seen from a single perspective. We view your company holistically, the company demographics, the needs and wants of the employees, and the vision of the company, and use that view to create the best plan for your unique situation. We understand the desires of companies to provide for their employees, and we also understand how this is becoming more costly each year. With our highly creative plan designs, you may be surprised at the savings!
  • Plan Documents – When the IRS audits a Section 125 Cafeteria Plan, the first thing they look for is a properly drafted document with current language. Our documents are licensed to us by one of the premier Employee Benefits law firms in the country. Our documents will outline every detail of your plan, and contain the very latest in updated language to keep your plan current and in compliance with IRS and Department of Labor requirements. We include both paper and electronic copies of your plan documents and also host the most current Summary Plan Descriptions online for easy participant access.
  • Accessibility and Education – Without proper education it is almost impossible for employers and employees to maximize the benefits of the plans that are offered on-site. We can visit your offices to conduct employee enrollment and educational meetings which cover the benefits and how employees can use the plan to create extra take-home pay. Video presentations, employee handouts, and one-on-one consultations are all tools we use to increase employee awareness and education. We are also available during business hours to answer any questions in regards to your plans. In addition to being able to get live support during business hours, we offer a dynamic website with 24/7 access to account information.
  • Integrative technologies are a great way to improve workflow. With the functional PDF forms available on our website, you’ll notice the difference. Our PDF forms are rich with calendars, digital signature capabilities, and you can type on them. All you need is the free Adobe Reader. We offer the ability to distribute and track forms, compile data directly to spreadsheets, and digitally sign forms with password protected signatures, all of which reduce human error and truly can simplify many of the cumbersome tasks of managing paperwork. In fact in an our effort to “go green” and help our clients do the same, our office is mostly paperless, with faxes coming in through our password protected server, and paper claims that come in through the mail are quickly scanned, shredded, and recycled.
  • Full-Spectrum reimbursement capabilities allow us to process reimbursements for employees by hardcopy checks, direct deposit into their private bank accounts, even including reimbursement amounts in with the payroll checks. For those who want to go even further we offer FSA debit cards that can be customized to work with your specific plan design.

Secure, Compliant, and Accurate administration of your plan from start to finish.

Bring your focus back to your core business and be secure that we are handling your benefits behind the scenes. From annual discrimination testing all the way through annual re-enrollments, we’ll walk you through every step of the way and provide detailed info and handouts.
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