COBRA/Retiree Billing

*** As a third party administrator we do NOT sell insurance products and our administrative services are totally independent of the policies, benefits carrier, or insurance broker relationship an employer group already has in place.***

COBRA Administration

Did you know that FSAs and HRAs are subject to COBRA? If your current COBRA administrator is not handling this for you, please give us a call.COBRA Administration can be very intimidating for many employers. With all the necessary paperwork and recordkeeping it can be time-consuming and re-direct attention away from the business of being in business. Our office can take the fear and uncertainty out of COBRA administration. We can look at your entire benefits package and determine which benefits are COBRA eligible. We can then tie these together in a seamless system, ensuring all COBRA deadlines are met and all required notices are furnished properly.

The COBRA laws and regulations are constantly changing, and the penalties for non-compliance can be surprisingly high. We are constantly monitoring the landscape of these changing guidelines and can provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding how these changes affect your business. For example, the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act, passed in February of 2009 changed the way COBRA administration is processed all over the country. Our systems and newly modified notices are among the best in the country. Employers who have us handling their COBRA administration are resting assured that they are compliant with all the new regulations.

We can take your COBRA compliance to the next level with our online access to information and even documentation. Participants and HR can see the letters that have been mailed, track payments and balances, check coverages, and manage entire accounts using our secure website.

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