Letter 226J Assistance

//Letter 226J Assistance

Incorrect ACA reporting may cause the IRS to send out a 226J Penalty Letter. The Letter 226J Penalties can range from tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, up to millions of dollars, and the IRS only gives 30 days to respond. Diversified Administration, Inc. has industry leading experts dedicated to Letter 226J Response Consultations.

We can help prepare a response to the Letter 226J best suited to reduce or eliminate your penalty in its entirety.

Full Service 226J Response Consultation Services

Expertly crafted process to swiftly respond to IRS 226J Penalty Letters

We’ll work with you through each step to help ensure compliance

Reliable advice from experts you can trust

Avoid heavy penalties for non-compliance or reporting failures by partnering with industry leaders.

How it Works

We’ll walk you through the Letter 226J response consultation process

We will review each individual who triggers a penalty, and likely reject the proposed penalty on the Form 14764.

We will identify the codes used in the original filing and determine the correct code to use when completing the Form 14765.

If there was an issue with the original 1094-C, we will prepare a revised 1094-C.

Our Documentation Recommendations will provide a list of documents that will help to reduce or eliminate your penalty (such as employee election/waiver forms)

In addition to the corrected 1094-C, 14764, 14765, we will prepare a cover letter to the IRS on your behalf, completing our signature ready response package.

All that’s left to do is mail the package to the IRS with delivery confirmation.