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Double-digit rate hikes, soaring prescription costs, limited alternatives – these are the challenges today’s employers face. Forced to address the situation by raising employee contributions or cutting benefits, many employers are facing morale problems in the workplace. Dealing with progressively more expensive employee benefits has not been easy for employers or employees.

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A Health FSA is a powerful tool that can be used by employers and employees alike to defray some of these ever-increasing health care costs.

At the same time the employer benefits both financially through reduced employment taxes and holistically by having healthy, happy employees. Remember if an employee cannot afford health care, they usually put it off. This can lead to poor general health, which results in lost productivity at work, increased instances of “colds floating around the office,” and higher absence rates. By making health care accessible, the employer is investing in the health of the employees and also the health of the company.

We offer a full-service administration of your Health FSA. This means that our staff is available to your employees or your HR to help in any way we can. We offer 24/7 account information available through our website which features banking-level encryption to keep your data safe. Our office handles all calls, claims, and reimbursements involved in the day-to-day administration of your plan. This allows you to focus on your core business and increasing your bottom line. Our online claim forms and online enrollment not only reduce paperwork, but reduce our carbon footprint by saving thousands of pages of paper each year.