Form 5500 Preparation

//Form 5500 Preparation

Form 5500 Preparation for Welfare Benefit Plans

Diversified Administration, Inc. understands the IRS and DOL reporting requirements surrounding employee welfare benefit plans.

Every year the Dept of Labor sends out thousands of notices and rejections for errors and common mistakes in the 5500 forms. These simple errors can cost you time and money to track down and correct, which we feel is unnecessary.

We have extensive experience with assisting clients who need to file their late 5500 Forms under the Delinquent Filer Voluntary Compliance Program. We have had success mitigating the penalties in many instances. Please talk to us before it is too late and the penalties start to accumulate.

Some of the services we offer include

Prepare or review Form 5500 and related attachments as well as Form 5558 filing extension

Assist with IRS and DOL inquiries

Provide analysis of welfare plan Form 5500 filing requirements

Assist in the electronic signature and filing of your 5500 Forms

Perform employee benefits related technical research

Prepare Wrap Document for Welfare Plans with more than one type of insured benefit