Tutorials on using the Secure Website

//Tutorials on using the Secure Website

The following tutorials are for using the Secure Website to access personalized information on your Diversified Administration, Inc. accounts. Each one assumes that you have logged into the Secure Website. To log in, please use the Login Box at the top of this page. If you’ve never logged into the Secure site before, just follow these simple steps for the First-Time Login.

  • Type your SSN (with no spaces or dashes) into the Login Box above.
  • Skip the Password field and click LOGIN.
  • Call our offices at 1-800-549-0125 to get your unique Employer Code.
  • Follow the prompts on the screen to set up your unique Login ID and Password.

Employer Overview of the Secure Website

How To Enter COBRA Events into the Secure Website


Instructions for downloading the reimbursement calendars from MyRSC

We have your reimbursement schedule available for download from the secure part of our website. This document has all the reimbursement dates for the plan year along with all the eligibility, plan year, election caps, and claims submission deadlines.

  1. Just log in to your account
  2. Click on the Documents button to the left of the page
  3. Click Documents for Cafeteria Plans (125)
  4. Click Calendar
  5. Click Download